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Lynne Crandall's psychic astrology consultation can help you realize your highest potential, make the best decisions, and reach the promise of your destiny.

Email: lynne@whiteroseofprovence.com

Lynne Crandall's Psychic Astrology (& Tarot) Aromatherapy, Natural Perfumes & Flower Remedy Blends 

Email - lynne@crandallpress.com

For the Reading Requests:: Contact Lynne by email to schedule your appointment and provide her with your birth date, birth place, and birth time if you have it 

Lynne is a psychic astrologer who uses natural perfumes and flower remedy blends by request.

Times and Prices - Credit and debit cards accepted  

Aromatherapy/Artisan Botanical Perfumes & Essential Oil Services available with or without astrology/tarot services (prices vary). 

3 hour Package

Intuitive ( psychic) Astrology or tarot $215.00

3 hour package with natural perfume or flower essence blend 300.00

1 and a half hours 120.00

Flower Essence Blend or Aromatic Natural Perfume (often but not always to accompany astrology reading).  75.00





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