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"Awake North Wind, come wind from the South,                                                     

 Breathe over my garden and blow it's sweet scent all around."

Song of Songs, Song of Solomo


Great Perfume Museums:

International Perfume Museum in Grasse, France

The Museum of Perfume. Paris



Astrologer & Artisan Botanical Perfume designer  Lynne Crandall                    presents the

Monthly Astrology Perfume Horoscope for September 2011

Lynne's September is exciting with the golden light of the early fall.. This month's natural perfume suggests the woodsy scents of September with the sensuous fresh, innocent scent of Lindenblossom.  Lynne's September SunSign scent is called Fleur d' Laura.   There is a description on her Virgo sun sign page.

The horoscope perfume for this month is brought to us by the sun! And we always use pure essential oils!

10 drops of Lindenblossom

6 drops of Lime 

1 drop of Jasmine

3 drops Sandalwood

In a carrier of Jojoba which is an oil that never goes rancid so your beautiful oils never spoil before you use them.













Please contact us with any questions or requests about our services.  Lynne Crandall - Astrologer and Aromatherapy Consultant 





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