Lynne Crandall offers an eclectic view of astrology that is Modern with techniques from Medieval, Renaissance, Hindu and Fusion.  She also pays homage to Carl Jung's take on the use of astrology to understand the psyche.  She combines astrology with the potential of alchemy, using natural perfumes to bring out the transformational possibilities presented by the astrological information.
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Lynne Crandall

Press Interviews and media coverage

 Lynne has lectured at the following organizations on metaphysical intuition, astrology, or aromatherapy: 

  • State of Michigan Conference on Aging

  • Michigan State University's Regional Faculty Women's Conference on Self Nurturing,  

  • the Lansing MENSA Convention

  • Women's City Club of Grand Rapids

  • Michigan State University Classes as guest speaker

  • Lansing Community College classes as guest speaker

  • Jackson Community College as instructor

  • East Lansing Alternative High School as guest speaker

  • East Lansing school for English as a Second Language guest speaker

Lynne has also been the subject of a video television program "The Unbelievable" which aired in the local Lansing area.

She previously hosted "Within", a program that investigated the different spiritual traditions around the world. It was broadcast on a local cable TV station.

Lynne has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine interviews and in articles that focused on both her astrology and natural perfumes, as well as appearing as a guest on television and radio programs.


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For press, media and inquiries only, including publishers or editors interested in Lynne's syndicated column, please contact her at:

tel: 517-381 0848

or email:

Please contact us with any questions or requests about our services.  Lynne Crandall - Astrologer and Aromatherapy Consultant 

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